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The city council completes 27 projects in Bilbao for urban improvement with €15 million from the Herriak Egiten funds

The city council completes 27 projects in Bilbao for urban improvement with €15 million from the Herriak Egiten funds

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 29, 2024 | 12:00 p.m.

Bilbao is transformed with the culmination of 27 key projects financed by the extraordinary Herriak Egiten funds, marking a milestone in the continuous improvement of the city. With a total investment of 15 millones de euros, these initiatives have ranged from the rehabilitation of sports and cultural infrastructures to the implementation of energy efficiency and digitalization solutions, reflecting a significant effort to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and visitors. The collaboration between Bilbao City Council and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia has been fundamental for the realization of these projects, which are framed in the axes of long-term care, digitalization, sustainable mobility and the environment.

Among the notable projects is the rehabilitation and expansion of the Rowing Pavilion, the creation of the new Bilbao Arte exhibition space and the significant improvement in cybersecurity infrastructure to protect citizens in the digital sphere. In addition, a notable boost has been given to sustainable mobility with the installation of safe bicycle parking and the improvement of road safety in cycling infrastructure, evidencing Bilbao's commitment to the environment and the quality of urban life.

Investment in culture, sports and social well-being

Bilbao City Council completes 27 urban improvement projects

The diversity of the projects highlights the comprehensive vision of the City Council for the development of the city. From the modernization of sports facilities, which not only promote sport and physical activity among citizens but also offer renovated and accessible spaces for all, to the commitment to culture through the expansion of exhibition spaces that enrich the fabric Bilbao cultural.

La Energy Efficiency has been another of the priority axes, with projects such as the installation of thermal panels and implementation of renewable energy in sports centers, that not only contribute to the reduction of energy consumption but also promote the use of sustainable sources. This approach not only improves existing infrastructure but also prepares Bilbao for future challenges in terms of sustainability and climate change.

La digitalization It has also played a crucial role in this urban improvement process, with the implementation of projects ranging from improving cybersecurity to the digitization of the municipal housing archive, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and the digital security of citizens. This digital transformation not only improves the efficiency of municipal services but also facilitates citizens' access to these services, thus improving the urban experience as a whole.

La completion of these 27 projects financed by the Herriak Egiten funds represents a significant advance in improving infrastructure, sustainability and quality of life in Bilbao. The An investment of 15 million euros has allowed a series of strategic interventions to be carried out that reflect the commitment of the City Council and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia With the well-being of its citizens and the sustainable development of the city, with these projects, Bilbao not only positions itself as a benchmark in urban improvement but also lays the foundations for a more sustainable and digitalized future.

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