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The story of the Deusto tiger

Jesus Carames

December 29, 2015 | 4:39 pm

The tiger is one of the icons of Bilbao | Photo: Agencies.

The enormous sculpture of a tiger has watched over the entire Bilbao society every day for more than half a century. A tiger with a lot of history, a cat that was even thought to be a lioness but was finally shown to be wrong thanks to its masculine attributes. This enormous sculpture arrives at Botica Vieja street in Bilbao in 1943, after being sculpted by Joaquín Lucarini.

Two years earlier, in 1941, Pedro Ispizua designed a building destined to house what would be the factory, the offices and the exhibition space of the company 'Correas El Tigre'. The owner of the building, Miguel Mendizabal, asked Joaquín de Lucarini a year later to create a sculpture of a concrete tiger to crown the belt company he had created, which came a year later.

The tiger, nine meters long, has already become a symbol of Bilbao and the building on which it watches over the people of Bilbao has been rehabilitated and turned into luxury homes. Some say that Mendizabal had a fierce tiger installed at the top of the building after a clash with the local bourgeoisie, to demonstrate the power of 'Correas El Tigre' in the area.

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