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They arrest a razor in the Santutxu neighborhood in Bilbao

wilmer ayala

April 16, 2023 | 6:12 p.m.

The victim was taken to the hospital after suffering cuts to the back and one ear; The 24-year-old detainee will be brought to justice shortly

Un 24 year old individual He has been arrested in the early hours of this Sunday after being accused of assaulting a man with a knife in the Santutxu neighborhood of Bilbao. The victim had to be transferred to a hospital after suffering several cuts on the back and one ear.

Aggression in Santutxu and rapid police action

The Basque Department of Security has reported that the attack occurred at 01:35, when several calls alerted of an attack between several people in Santutxu. The police resources moved to the place and verified how a man had a bleeding wound on his back and another on his ear, apparently after having been attacked with a knife.

La victim was treated by health personnel and later evacuated to the Hospital de Cruces. The Ertzaintza began the search for the alleged attacker, who was located shortly after at his home.

Arrest of the alleged attacker

The suspect presented traces of blood on the pants he was wearing, for which he was arrested. The 24-year-old detainee has been transferred to police stations to carry out the corresponding proceedings. Once completed, he will be brought to justice in the next few hours.

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