July 16, 2024 | 6:15


Vietnamese masseuse on Concha Street reported for abuse

The Ertzaintza continues searching for a man who stole a weapon from an agent in Barakaldo

Mairenis Gomez

June 12, 2024 | 7:54 a.m.

A woman has filed a complaint with the Ertzaintza against a masseuse from a beauty salon on General Concha Street in Bilbao, accusing him of sexual abuse. The defendant, a 48-year-old Vietnamese man, has been charged. The complainant suspects that there may be more victims, especially after learning of a similar case that occurred seven years ago.

According to the victim's story, she went last Thursday at half past eleven in the morning to an appointment to receive a relieving massage at a nail and massage center that she already knew from having had a manicure there. Upon her arrival, she was taken to a "narrow, dark room" where the masseuse offered him a disposable underwear and asked him to undress. The woman lay face down on the stretcher and they put her "a towel on the head".

The masseuse began massaging her shoulders, but soon moved down to her buttocks, removing her underwear with the excuse that "I had very hard muscles". The woman stood tense and closed her legs. Subsequently, the man asked her to turn around and lie on her back, putting the towel back on her face. He then continued touching her, now on her breasts, in an inappropriate and unprofessional manner. At that point, the woman decided to end the session and she headed to the reception.

Complaint and reaction

Once at the reception, since the session had not even lasted half an hour, they only charged him 25 euros. After realizing that she had been subjected to sexual touching, she felt "shame" and went to the Zabalburu sub-police station to file a complaint. The woman confessed that she felt "judged" when recounting what happened, as some questioned why she did not refuse to let the masseuse continue, to which she responded that "it was blocked".

The Ertzaintza has launched an investigation and the masseuse has been charged. The complainant hopes that his case will serve to alert other possible victims and so that measures are taken to prevent similar situations from occurring again. The local community is in a state of alert and concern, waiting for justice to be done and the people who seek these services to be protected.

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