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A madman arrested in Bilbao after threatening with a katana in a game room

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 14, 2023 | 11:30 a.m.

Un man of 38 years He was arrested by the Ertzaintza in Bilbao after threatening an employee of a games room in Casco Viejo with a katana. The rapid police intervention allowed the arrest of the suspect in the hall of a library near the scene of the incident.

Incident in the arcade

The events occurred around seven twenty in the afternoon. The suspect would have caused damage to one of the identification machines located at the entrance to the game room. Realizing that his access was prohibited, the man decided to leave the premises. The employee, observing what happened, recriminated her behavior, at which point the man pulled out a katana and threatened her with it.

Intervention of the Ertzaintza and arrest of the suspect

The victim alerted the Ertzaintza and indicated that the man had gone to a nearby library. Police officers located the suspect in the library hall. Realizing that the man was not going to follow his instructions, the police officers decided to reduce him and proceed to arrest him. At that moment, they found the katana hidden at his waist.

Background of the detainee

The detainee had a arrest warrant related to a crime of drug trafficking. After his arrest, he was transferred to police stations to carry out the corresponding proceedings. It is expected that in the next few hours he will be brought to justice.

The rapid action of the Ertzaintza allowed the arrest of the man who threatened an employee in a Bilbao game room with a katana. This incident highlights the importance of citizen collaboration and the effectiveness of security forces in protecting society.

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