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'Ertzainas in struggle' and Euspel prepare new circulatory chaos in Bilbao

Jesus Carames

September 24, 2023 | 10:26 a.m.

In a city that breathes history and tradition, the peace and tranquility of Bilbao can be disturbed by events that seek to bring to light claims of different groups. But at what price?

'Ertzainas in struggle' and Euspel: The Voices Behind the Chaos

Before delving into the call, it is vital to understand who is behind it. 'Ertzainas in fight' y Euspel, are organizations that have previously demonstrated their ability to mobilize large groups and cause impact.

History of the Calls

It is not the first time that these organizations call for actions of this caliber. In order to make their claims visible, they have chosen actions that directly impact the daily lives of Bilbao residents.

The Previous Impact

Experience has shown us that these calls can generate circulatory chaos. From 7:30 in the morning, access to Bilbao could be collapsed, affecting thousands of citizens in their daily lives.

A Call to the Authorities

Bilbao residents are aware of the importance of the right to demonstrate. However, it is essential to guarantee order and well-being for everyone.

Act forcefully

Authorities are urged to act forcefully and prevent chaos. The consequences of not doing so would directly affect the population, who could find themselves trapped in long hours of traffic.

Prevention is the Key

Previous actions have been clear: long lines, delays and, in general, a feeling of disorder that affects the perception of security. Prevention becomes essential to ensure that history is not repeated.

Bilbao: A City of Peace

Bilbao is much more than its buildings and streets. It is a mosaic of stories, cultures and traditions. A city that values ​​order and peace.

Shared Responsibility

Beyond the authorities, it is a shared responsibility. Informed and organized citizens can avoid being part of the chaos. Planning and anticipation are valuable tools in these cases.

Citizens Give Their Opinion

The voices of Bilbao residents resonate in the streets, bars and squares. The need for a dialogue-based and non-disruptive solution is a popular cry. Peace and order are intrinsic values ​​to Bilbao's identity.

The Future of Protests in Bilbao

The demands are legitimate and the right to demonstrate is indisputable. However, the way these protests are carried out has an impact. Bilbao deserves peace, order and dialogue. It is time to reimagine protests, guaranteeing the visibility of grievances without sacrificing the well-being of the city and its inhabitants. The essence of Bilbao is based on mutual respect, and it is time for all the actors involved to demonstrate this.

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