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Aemet anticipates a perfect day for the barge in Bilbao

Aemet anticipates the weather in Bilbao for the time of the barge

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 11, 2024 | 2:36 p.m.

Bilbao prepares for a historic event under the best possible sky

Let's talk about an event that has become the center of all conversations in Bizkaia: barge time in Bilbao. After a wait of four decades, The city dresses up to welcome the Cup champions, and it seems that time wants to be part of this celebration. According to State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), the thermometer will read 20 degrees and the sky will be clear, ideal conditions for thousands of people to enjoy this magical event.

La Athletic barge, that symbol of triumph and community, will sail through the waters of the estuary on a day where the sun will be the great ally. From the morning, with a slight mist that gives a mystical touch to the landscape, until sunset, when the sky will remain clear, the weather in Bilbao and its surroundings promises to be the best setting for this historic reunion.

The minute by minute detail of an unforgettable day

For fans and curious people who want to be part of every moment, the day will offer one pleasant surprise after another. From the early hours, with a freshness typical of spring, until midday and afternoon, when the 20 degrees invite you to enjoy the outdoors without worries. The barge route, passing through emblematic points such as Getxo, Erandio and Barakaldo, will be bathed in generous sunshine, making this trip a true visual spectacle.

Aemet anticipates a perfect day for the barge in Bilbao

As the afternoon progresses, the weather will remain pleasant, perfect for following the celebrations to City Hall and beyond. Although the thermometer will drop slightly as the sun goes down, the festive atmosphere will make the chill barely noticeable. And for those who decide to extend the celebration, a jacket will be enough to enjoy the night.

But the good news doesn't end there. The weekend is presented as a preview of summer, with temperatures that will touch the 30 degrees and a sun that promises to stay. Thus, the barge festival will not only mark a milestone in the history of Athletic and Bilbao, but will also begin a season of warmth and joy throughout Bizkaia.

We are facing a unique moment, both for what it represents sportingly and for the weather conditions that accompany it. The barge is not just a tradition; is a symbol of unity and celebration that, after 40 years, comes to life again on a day that Aemet He assures it will be unbeatable. So, whether from the shore of the estuary, in the adjacent streets or from any point in Bizkaia, let's prepare to be part of this party under the best possible sky.

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