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Araceli Tamayo from Bilbota injured in the attack in Afghanistan

Mairenis Gomez

May 19, 2024 | 11:42 a.m.

«Thank you all very much for your encouragement. It has been a miracle. Now I hope to recover soon and that they take us home as soon as possible. See you soon". This is the message that Araceli Tamayo sent last morning to a colleague from the BBK Association of Retirees and Pensioners from the Kabul hospital where she is admitted after being injured in the attack last Thursday in Afghanistan.

A miracle of survival in the midst of tragedy

Araceli Tamayo, an inveterate traveler in her late 80s, is recovering after being injured in an attack in Afghanistan. Initially, it had been erroneously reported that the injured person was also originally from Catalonia, like the other fatalities of the attack. However, DEIA confirmed that Araceli is actually from Bilbao.

The attack, which resulted in the death of six people, including three Catalans, occurred in a market in an Afghan town. Despite her injuries, Araceli has shown a resilient spirit and has maintained contact with her colleagues from the BBK Retirees Association through WhatsApp. In her messages, she expresses gratitude for the support received and hopes for a speedy recovery and repatriation to Spain.

Messages of encouragement and hope from the hospital

Araceli has kept her colleagues from the BBK Retirees Association informed about her state of health and spirit. In one of her messages, she assures: “Calm down, I'm in the hospital and I'm fine, I just didn't have Wi-Fi. I didn't expect so much media coverage. Now let's see when they repatriate us and recover soon. "It has been a miracle." She signs the message with several kiss emoticons, showing her gratitude and hope.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, has reported that Araceli underwent surgery in the early hours of Saturday. Albares indicated that “she is conscious, stable, but in critical condition due to the gunshot wounds she has suffered. We are waiting and we hope that she will move forward.

A tragic trip to an exotic destination

Araceli Tamayo is known for her passion for traveling to exotic places, often accompanied by a group of Catalans, among whom were the fatal victims of the attack. This trip to Afghanistan, which ended in tragedy, reflects her adventurous spirit and her love of exploring the world.

The initial confusion about his origin was due to his close relationship with the group of Catalans with whom he was traveling. However, Araceli is a Bilbao native who has dedicated much of her life to traveling and discovering new cultures.

Hope and recovery

The Bilbao community and colleagues from the BBK Retirees Association have shown immense support for Araceli during this difficult time. Her story of survival in the midst of such a devastating tragedy is a testament to her strength and determination.

Araceli's repatriation to Spain is now a priority, and it is hoped that she will soon be able to return home to continue her recovery. The media coverage and attention she has received highlights the seriousness of the incident and the resilience of those who, like Araceli, bravely face extreme situations.

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