May 23th 2024 | 1:23


Arrested for drug trafficking on the Bilbao-Burgos bus route

Civil Guard corruption

Jesus Carames

April 15, 2024 | 3:41 p.m.

In a recent operation against drug trafficking, the Civil Guard has arrested a man on the Bilbao-Burgos bus route for possession of illegal substances. The arrest took place at a bus station in the Burgos region, where 74 grams of hashish were seized.

The operation took place last Friday and included the intervention of the canine unit of the Command's Cynological Service, a crucial tool in the fight against drug trafficking. During the inspection, one of the dogs, named Zape, alerted officers to a suspicious-looking backpack.

Drugs on the Burgos – Bilbao bus under police surveillance

Despite the backpack's owner's denials, closer inspection revealed the presence of a compact, dark-colored substance wrapped in plastic. Subsequent tests confirmed that it was hashish, identified by its characteristic texture and smell.

The suspect was immediately detained and transferred to the police station to carry out the relevant interrogations and advance the investigations. This arrest underscores law enforcement's continued vigilance on public transportation routes and its commitment to eradicating drug trafficking in the region.

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