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Bilbao City Council highlights historical memory with the series 'Txio ta Txio'

Laura Rangel Ybarra

September 6, 2023 | 2:00 p.m.

The new edition of 'Txio ta Txio' focuses on the Civil War

El Bilbao City Hall has reactivated its 'Txio ta Txio' project, an initiative that, in its recent edition, is dedicated to evoking the events that occurred during the Civil War and its impact on Bilbao. This series of videos is under the umbrella of the municipal program 'Bilbao Izan', designed with the purpose of disseminating the vast heritage and history of the emblematic Villa.

Programming and reach in social networks

From next September 12, every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of the year on December 26, the municipal social networks will be the showcase for these visual capsules. Thus, the public can closely follow these videos through the official Bilbao Udala account, as well as on Bilbao Izan's Facebook and Instagram profiles.

The collection includes 31 videos that recount brief episodes or narratives from that tumultuous period. The City Council invites you to "see and share" these pieces, bringing them to life through the charismatic presenter Juncal Alzugaray.

Inclusiveness and language accessibility

One of the outstanding elements of this proposal is its bilingual nature. To guarantee the inclusiveness and understanding of all citizens, the videos are not only presented in two languages ​​but also include subtitles. In this way, any sound statement has its written reply, allowing a two-way understanding.

A trip to the past through Bilbao Kultura

The previous videos in this series have not been forgotten. Those wishing to explore more about Bilbao's rich history can head over to Bilbao Kultura's YouTube profile. In this digital space, it is not only possible to review the recent installment of 'Txio ta Txio', but also past editions. These previous videos shed different curious aspects and stories of the Villa and its various neighborhoods, becoming a treasure for those eager to learn about Bilbao.

Reflection on the importance of historical memory

In a world where the present is quickly consumed, initiatives like 'Txio ta Txio' demonstrate the importance of pausing and looking back. The Spanish Civil War left deep scars on society, and Bilbao was no exception. By remembering and disseminating these events, Bilbao City Council not only honors those who lived through those times, but also educates the new generations on the values ​​and lessons learned from such events. It is a commitment to collective memory and the construction of a more conscious and informed future.

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Memory as an identity tool

Bilbao, with its rich history and traditions, finds in 'Txio ta Txio' a way to reinforce its identity. By reliving its episodes, both happy and sad, the Villa reinforces the sense of belonging among its inhabitants and reaffirms its position as the cradle of stories and experiences that have shaped Basque identity.

A commitment to education and culture

This series of videos, beyond being a simple reminder, stands as a testament to the Bilbao City Council's commitment to education and culture. By making history accessible through digital media, a broader and more diverse audience is reached, fostering intergenerational dialogue and strengthening community ties.

In short, 'Txio ta Txio' is not just an outreach project, it is a bridge to Bilbao's past, a tool that invites us to reflect on our history and appreciate the lessons it offers us. It is a call not to forget, to learn and grow together as a society.

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