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Bilbobus extends mobilizations due to lack of agreement

Bilbobus continues with strikes beyond December 21 in the absence of an agreement.

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 27, 2023 | 4:30 pm

The Bilbobus staff, the service public transport of Bilbao, has decided to extend its strike and mobilizations beyond December 21 if a satisfactory agreement is not reached. This decision arises in a context of discontent and unmet labor demands, marking a critical period for transportation in the capital of Biscay.

Tension persists in Bilbobus: Strikes and stalled negotiations

Since the beginning of the mobilizations, the Bilbobus staff has demonstrated their firmness in the fight for their rights. The workers are willing to negotiate, But they point out that it is essential that both Bilbao City Council and the concessionaire Alsa-Transitia address and resolve the problems raised. José Fernández, president of the Bilbobus works council, emphasizes that the current actions are a "continued" and that, if an agreement is not reached by December 21, the strikes will continue.

The tension is reflected in the massive participation of the workforce in the partial strikes, with a new strike day scheduled for November 29, December 4, 12 and 21. These mobilizations coincide with significant dates such as the Santo Tomás fair in Bilbao, which underlines the seriousness of the situation and the determination of the workers.

The reasons behind the strike and the future of transport in Bilbao

Hen/Stag Bilbobus mobilizations They are not just an act of protest, but a demand for fair working conditions and the maintenance of purchasing power. The blockage in the negotiation of the collective agreement has been the trigger that has led the staff to this situation of confrontation.

To date, meetings with Alsa-Transitia have been fruitless, leaving workers with no alternative but to continue strikes. This scenario poses significant challenges for the public transport service in Bilbao, affecting both employees and the thousands of citizens who depend on Bilbobus for their daily trips.

In summary, the extension of the mobilizations in billobus is a clear indication of the need for dialogue and effective solutions in the labor negotiations. The current situation not only impacts service workers, but also highlights the importance of efficient and fair public transport for the citizens of Bilbao.

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