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Bilbobus and Metro Bilbao share energy future

Laura Rangel Ybarra

September 11, 2023 | 7:00 p.m.

Medusa Project: Green innovation in Bilbao

It is known that Bilbao It is a city that has always opted for innovation and sustainability. Today, that statement takes on new meaning. with the collaboration between billobus and Metro Bilbao. Two of the city's main transportation systems come together in a project that promises to set a precedent in the world of sustainable mobility.

How does collaboration work?

The concept is simple but revolutionary. Bilbobus will benefit from the surplus energy generated by Metro Bilbao. This energy, which was previously not fully used, now has a new purpose: to power Bilbobus' fleet of electric buses. It is a clear example that a fundamental part of sustainability lies in the reuse and optimal use of resources.

A pioneering project: Medusa

The basis of this collaboration is called Medusa project. This project, which was presented in March, is the result of the joining of efforts between various entities: Bilbao City Council, Alsa (Bilbobus operator), the Basque Energy Agency (EVE), Repsol and the Ase Group. Although it was initially scheduled for July, its launch has been synchronized with the “Not without my car” mobility week, thus enhancing its impact and relevance.

Logistical and economic benefits

One of the greatest triumphs of the project is the optimization of existing electrical infrastructure. With the installation of eight charging points in the Bilbobus depots in Ribera de Elorrieta, the need to expand or modify the existing electrical network is avoided. This efficiency is enhanced thanks to the proximity to the metro electrical substation in Lutxana, which is located just over 500 meters away.

At an economic level, the project represents a significant saving for the City Council. By taking advantage of Metro Bilbao's surplus energy, Bilbobus will be able to enjoy more competitive rates compared to its private suppliers. In fact, it is estimated that this saving could reach 120.000 euros per unit.

A Bilbobus electric unit in service.

Looking at the future

Although the project currently benefits mainly the eight buses acquired in July, The system has ample room for growth.. It is expected that up to 22 more buses can be added to this system as the City Council expands the electric fleet.

On the other hand, it is crucial to point out that this collaboration puts Bilbao on the map as a city committed to green and sustainable mobility. With 24 pure electric units and 94 hybrids in Bilbobus, the capital of Biscay is positioning itself as a benchmark in sustainable transportation.

The collaboration between Bilbobus and Metro Bilbao, embodied in the Medusa project, is not only a milestone for Bilbao, but an example to follow worldwide. It is a clear demonstration that Cities can and should seek creative and sustainable solutions for your mobility challenges. Only in this way can we build a greener and more livable future for everyone.

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