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Bilbobus proposes 2022-26 agreement with an increase in the CPI and an end to precarious contracts

Mairenis Gomez

May 24, 2024 | 3:30 p.m.

The Bilbobus committee proposes an agreement valid for 2022-26 and labor improvements for workers

For months now, the labor conflict at Bilbobus has generated significant tensions between employers and unions. This situation has caused stoppages and affected services, causing inconvenience to both users and workers. In an attempt to resolve this situation, The Bilbobus committee has submitted a new proposal to Biobide, with the hope of resuming the negotiating table.

Increase in the annual CPI and disappearance of precarious contracts: the key to the agreement

The Bilbobus committee proposes an agreement valid for four years, from 2022 to 2026, which includes an annual increase in the CPI. This adjustment aims to maintain the purchasing power of workers, a crucial demand to avoid the loss of value in their salaries. In addition, the disappearance of precarious contracts at 62% of the working day is proposed, a situation that currently affects about 20 workers.

The representatives of the committee have made it clear that they are not seeking to lower their claims, but rather to vindicate what the workers have demanded. In statements to Europa Press, they insisted that employees reject the insufficient proposals that have been previously presented. The demand is to maintain and improve working conditions to ensure fair and equitable stability for all workers.

Additional demands from the committee to improve working conditions

Furthermore, the committee's demands are not limited only to the increase in the CPI and the elimination of precarious contracts. They also demand that emoluments for temporary disability not suffer any reduction. Likewise, they ask for the elimination of a list of workers that the company considers "surplus" and adequate compensation for holidays worked.

The committee has expressed its desire to resolve this conflict as quickly as possible to avoid further harm to Bilbobus users and the workers themselves. The current situation is uncomfortable and unpleasant for all parties involved, and it is hoped that with this new proposal an agreement can be reached that satisfies everyone.

Impact of the conflict on Bilbobus services and the lives of citizens

The labor conflict at Bilbobus has even had a considerable impact on the transport services of the city of Bilbao and the province of Bizkaia. Stoppages and strikes have caused interruptions in service, affecting the daily lives of citizens who depend on public transportation for their daily activities.

It is important to highlight that Bilbobus workers do not wish to prolong this situation. As they have stated, their objective is to find a solution that allows the service to be restored efficiently and continue providing the quality service to which users are accustomed.

The Bilbobus committee proposes an agreement valid for 2022-26 and labor improvements

A comprehensive proposal for labor improvement and the quality of public service

In short, the Bilbobus committee's proposal seeks not only to improve the working conditions of workers, but also to guarantee the continuity and quality of the public transport service. The hope is that this proposal will be well received by the company and that a beneficial agreement can be reached for all parties involved, putting an end to a conflict that has affected both the workers and the citizens of Bilbao and Bizkaia.

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