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Bilbobus suspends its strike and recovers 100% of its services

Second day of strike at Bilbobus.

Jesus Carames

May 14, 2024 | 4:06 p.m.

Bilbobus, Bilbao's public transport service, has decided to suspend its strike and resume 100% of its services starting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 15, and Thursday, May 16. This measure comes after Biobide, the Bilbobus concessionaire company, and the majority of the Works Committee reached a preliminary agreement that must be ratified on Thursday by the workers' assembly. Until the vote, the strike is suspended pending the final decision of the assembly.

A step towards the resolution of the labor conflict

The suspension of the strike occurs in a context of intense negotiations between Biobide and workers' representatives. The signed pre-agreement includes a series of measures that seek to satisfy employee demands, although specific details have not yet been revealed. This pre-agreement is seen as a significant step towards the resolution of the labor dispute that has affected the transport service in Bilbao.

Regular hours and complete services

Starting tomorrow, Bilbobus will resume its usual schedules and operate at 100% capacity. This means that service users will be able to count on normality in their daily trips. The suspension of the strike will allow the bus lines to operate without interruptions, which is long-awaited news for the inhabitants of Bilbao, who have experienced inconveniences due to interruptions in service.

Statements from the Works Committee

From the Works Committee, they have made it clear that this suspension does not mean the definitive call for the strike. “It does not mean calling off the strike,” they stated, stressing that it is a temporary suspension while awaiting the assembly's decision. Workers' ratification of the pre-agreement will be crucial to determining whether the conflict is completely resolved or whether pressure measures continue.

Impact on the community

The Bilbobus strike has had a considerable impact on the Bilbao community, affecting both public transport users and the workers themselves. The suspension of the strike and the possible ratification of the pre-agreement offer respite to users and a sign that employees' concerns are being addressed.

The citizens of Bilbao have expressed relief at the news of the suspension of the strike, hoping that the service will return to normal and that there will be no more interruptions in the near future. Continuity of service is essential to the daily lives of many people who depend on public transportation for their daily activities.

Next steps

The ratification of the pre-agreement by the workers' assembly will be the next crucial step. If the assembly approves the pre-agreement, it is likely that the strike will be definitively called off and that Bilbobus' operations will stabilize. However, if the workers reject the pre-agreement, the conflict could resume, leading to new interruptions in service.

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