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Bilbobus workers vote to continue with indefinite strike

Mairenis Gomez

May 16, 2024 | 8:35 p.m.

The staff rejects the pre-agreement and maintains the mobilizations

In a new twist in the long-running Bilbobus labor dispute, the workers' assembly has voted against the pre-agreement reached last Tuesday, meaning that they will continue with the indefinite strike that has intensified over the last five weeks.

Seven months of mobilizations and five weeks of indefinite strike

Bilbobus employees have been fighting for work improvements for almost a year. Seven months ago, a series of mobilizations began that have intensified in the last five weeks with an indefinite strike. Workers' demands include better salary and working conditions, as well as guarantees of job stability.

The rejection of the pre-agreement

The preliminary agreement reached on Tuesday seemed to offer a possible solution to the conflict, but was ultimately rejected by the workers' assembly. This decision reflects the staff's dissatisfaction with the proposed conditions and their determination to continue fighting for their demands.

reactions and consequences

The rejection of the pre-agreement and the continuation of the strike will have important consequences for Bilbobus users and for the city of Bilbao. The strike has caused interruptions in the public transport service, affecting thousands of daily users who depend on buses for their travel.

Trading expectations

With the indefinite strike underway again, hope for a quick resolution seems distant. However, both sides have expressed their willingness to continue negotiating. The company and worker representatives must return to the negotiating table to try to reach an agreement that satisfies both parties and puts an end to this prolonged conflict.

Impact on the community

The prolonged Bilbobus strike not only affects the workers and the company, but also the community in general. Users of the bus service have experienced significant inconvenience, and the continuation of the strike will only increase the daily frustration and problems for many Bilbao residents.

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