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Outlandish arrest of an alleged Civil Guard at the Basurto hospital

A young man tried to impersonate a civil guard at the Basurto hospital

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 13, 2023 | 3:40 pm

Bilbao is in a state of amazement following the recent arrest of a 23-year-old young man in the basurto hospital, this event that seems straight out of a movie, was triggered when the young man tried to become go through a civil guard to prioritize the medical care of two friends.

Last Thursday, November 2, The Basurto hospital was the scene of an unusual event, a young man dressed in a Civil Guard uniform and carrying a badge and a business card from the Ministry of the Interior with his name, entered the hospital facilities. His objective was clear: to obtain preferential care for two friends injured in a nighttime attack.

The Medical Staff Alert

The hospital doctors, surprised by the supposed agent's request, They did not take long to contact the Local Police. Agents who were at the hospital guarding a detainee immediately went to the scene. In front of them, the young man admitted not being a member of the Civil Guard, which led to the immediate withdrawal of his badge and identification cards.

A Consequential Investigation

The next day, the Criminalistics Inspection of the Municipal Police He summoned the young man to the police station to clarify the facts. The arrested person showed up driving a vehicle, despite not having a driving license. During the inspection of the car, the agents found police material, including a Glock brand airsoft pistol, shackles and a bulletproof vest, among other objects of dual civil/military use.

Seizure and Detention

The material found in the vehicle led to the immediate seizure by the authorities and the arrest of the man. He is accused of one crime of usurpation of public office and another against road safety, for driving without a license. After the pertinent procedures, he was released with charges.

This event has caused a great commotion in the community, evidencing the need to best security protocols in hospital centers and greater surveillance to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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