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The Bizkaia Tower in dispute between PWC and Impact Hub

Miguel Castillo

November 5, 2020 | 12:06 pm

The management of the emblematic building is up in the air after having appealed one of the companies in contention

keep stopping the Biscay Tower en Bilbao. When it seemed that the management of the international entrepreneurship center (CIEB) had been awarded, everything has been stopped after appealing the final decision of the contest. PwC still doesn't officially have the win after Hub impact has rebelled against decision.

There are very few weeks left for the signing of the final contract. As we said, it is about the process to award an international entrepreneurship center and whose competition had already failed. The Diputación stipulated that the management would fall on PwC.

Biscay Tower
The Bizkaia tower in dispute between two companies

Fight for the Bizkaia Tower

The contenders to take over the management of the aforementioned international entrepreneurship center were two from the beginning. On the one hand Price Waterhouse Coopers Bilbao (Pwc) in alliance with the Italian Talent Garden.

On the other hand, Impact Hub, European deans in the field of entrepreneurship. The management of the Biscay Tower It is framed as one of the star projects of the present legislature, hence there are more than words.

Impact Hub does not rule out legal proceedings

Hub impact has decided to challenge the result of the contest, understanding that it has not been done fairly and objectively. Therefore, it is not due to questions of form, but purely to the assessment of the content that the English company transferred to the Biscayan Administration.

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