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New traffic collapse of Ertzainas in Lucha in Bilbao

'Ertzainas en Lucha' demonstrates before the Basque Parliament.

Maria Jose Gonzalez

January 21, 2024 | 9:33 p.m.

Mobilizations of 'Ertzainas in Fight' in the Heart of Bilbao

This Monday, the city of Bilbao will witness a new mobilization of the trade union movement 'Ertzainas en Lucha'. This group, which was born in May of last year, remains firm in its purpose of demanding labor improvements for the Ertzaintza. The protest, which promises to be significant, will begin at 8:00 a.m. and will have as starting point Bilbondo shopping center, in Basauri, as well as from Carrefour de Sestao, to culminate in the nerve center of Bilbao.

The origin and trajectory of the movement

‘Ertzainas en Lucha’ emerged as a response to the need for a “decent regulatory agreement” for the Ertzaintza. Its first demonstration, independent of any union initiative, took place in the streets of Bilbao and brought together approximately 4.000 ertzainas, according to the organizers. Since that moment, they have continued with various forms of protest, including caravans of vehicles that have traveled through different locations to make the labor conflict visible. The last one, with more than 30 vehicles, took place in the Guipuzcoan town of Irún.

Discomfort and impact of mobilization

Monday's mobilization is shaping up to be a significant event not only because of the concentration of the participants but also because of its relevance on the public and media agenda. The choice of Bilbao as the central setting for these protests is not coincidental; Being one of the most important cities in Euskadi, it guarantees greater visibility and impact of the collective's demands.

Claims of 'Ertzainas in Fight'

Among the main demands of 'Ertzainas en Lucha' is the demand for an agreement that responds to the current needs and realities of the agents. They seek fairer working conditions, which include better remuneration and guarantees regarding occupational health and safety. In addition, they raise the need for adequate recognition of the work they perform in maintaining order and public safety.

The response of the authorities and society

So far, the corresponding authorities have maintained a dialogue with the representatives of 'Ertzainas en Lucha', but an agreement that satisfies the collective's demands has not yet been reached. The Biscayan society, for its part, has shown its majority solidarity with the demands of the Ertzainas, recognizing the importance of their work for the community.

Monday's mobilization in Bilbao is another example of the commitment and determination of 'Ertzainas en Lucha' to reach a dignified agreement. This type of action highlights the importance of listening to and addressing the demands of workers who play essential roles in society. The expectation is that these mobilizations will lead to a constructive dialogue that will lead to beneficial agreements for both the ertzainas and the society they serve and will no longer bother citizens with their protests and traffic jams.

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