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The kidnapping of the Basque Iván Illarramendi by the Hamas militia confirmed

Jesus Carames

October 17, 2023 | 8:48 p.m.

Iván Illarramendi, a Basque originally from Zarautz, has been tragically placed at the epicenter of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. He Israeli Foreign Ministry recently confirmed that Ivan, missing since October 7 after the Hamas attack, is among the approximately 200 hostages held by the Palestinian militia.

The fateful day at Kibbutz Kissufim

Iván, 46, was with his Chilean wife at Kibbutz Kissufim. This place, located near the border with the Gaza Strip, was one of the points affected during the Hamas assault. Imagine the anguish. A calm day transformed into a scene of fear and confusion. It's like a sunny day in Bilbao that suddenly turns into an unforeseen storm.

The Spanish reaction

The Spanish Government, at first, was reserved about Iván's situation. Although the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, had indicated that there were "two Spaniards affected" by the attack, no specific details were given until days later. To add to the sadness, the death of Maya Villalobo, a 19-year-old Spanish girl who was doing military service in Israel, was confirmed.

The international scope of the kidnapping

The situation with Iván is not isolated. According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, "There are currently foreign citizens from more than 40 countries held hostage by Hamas." It is a crisis that transcends borders and unites families from different nations in shared anguish. Can you imagine how those families feel? It is a drama that no one would like to live through, a nightmare from which they wish to wake up.

A call to the world

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has issued a powerful and clear message. They urge us to share the stories of those kidnapped and help bring them back. This is a moment where humanity must prevail. Like a good plate of marmitako that unites Basque families, this is a call to international unity, to act together to end suffering.


The situation of Ivan Illarramendi It is a painful reminder of the human consequences of conflict. From Zarautz to Kibbutz Kissufim, lives are affected by political decisions and acts of violence. Now, more than ever, the world needs to work together to ensure the safety and return of all those abducted, and to find a lasting solution to these conflicts that have caused so much pain.

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