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Hit by the PNV in Bilbao

Jesus Carames

June 10, 2024 | 9:48 a.m.

Context and general results

The 2024 European elections have left a very clear panorama in Bilbao and, in general, in the Basque Autonomous Community. The Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) has demonstrated a notable capacity for resistance, while the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) has suffered a severe setback.

PSOE: Resistance and increased support

PSOE: 19,59% (+8 pts.) The PSOE has managed to increase its percentage of votes by 8 points compared to 2019, reaching a total of 37.201 votes, which represents an increase of 4.364 votes. This result reflects a solid base of support and an effective electoral strategy that has been able to connect with the electorate in a context of high political polarization.

CEUS: Electoral collapse

CEUS: 37,24% (-14 pts.) The big loser in these elections has been the PNV, integrated into the CEUS coalition, which has seen a dramatic drop of 14 percentage points. They have gone from 37,24% in 2019 to only 31.185 votes, losing 31.233 votes compared to the last elections. This collapse reflects significant discontent among his traditional electorate.

A. Rep.: Slight increase

A. Rep.: 13,31% (+3 pts.) Now Repúblicas has experienced a growth of 3 percentage points, obtaining 22.326 votes, an increase of 19 votes. Although modest, this increase indicates a reinforcement of its presence and support in the region.

PP: Significant growth

PP: 8,78% (+7 pts.) The Popular Party has seen significant growth, increasing 7 percentage points since 2019 and reaching 21.039 votes, an increase of 6.310 votes. This result shows a resurgence of the party in Bilbao.

We can: Strong setback

We can: 11,90% (-8 pts.) Podemos has suffered a notable drop, losing 8 percentage points and remaining with only 5.444 votes, a loss of 14.514 votes compared to 2019. This result reflects a considerable loss of support and internal challenges in the party.

Add: New irruption

Add: 0% (+4 pts.) Sumar, a new formation, has achieved 4% of the vote, obtaining 5.158 votes in its first participation. This result shows a significant entry into the Basque political landscape.

Vox: Slight growth

Vox: 1,70% (+2 pts.) Vox has increased its percentage of votes by 2 points, reaching 4.611 votes, which represents an increase of 1.755 votes. Although it remains a minor force, its growth indicates an expansion of its support base.

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