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Increase in tiger ticks and mosquitoes detected in Bilbao

Alert in Bilbao due to the increase in ticks and tiger mosquitoes

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 17, 2024 | 9:00 a.m.

The Health and Consumer Affairs area of ​​Bilbao City Council has issued a series of recommendations to prevent the spread and bite of these insects.

In recent years, A notable increase in the presence of certain insects has been observed in Bilbao, specifically ticks and tiger mosquitoes.. This phenomenon has raised the concern of local authorities, who, through the Health and Consumer Affairs area of ​​Bilbao City Council, have issued a series of recommendations to minimize the risk of spread and bites of these insects. Ticks and tiger mosquitoes pose a significant risk to public health due to their ability to transmit various diseases.

Since summer 2023, the Bilbao citizens have begun to notice the presence of the tiger mosquito, a diurnal insect known for transmit diseases such as dengue, Chikungunya virus and Zika virus. The bite of this mosquito is not only annoying, causing intense itching and pain, but it can also trigger severe allergic reactions. The main preventive measure against the tiger mosquito is the elimination of accumulations of water in homes and gardens, since more than 70% of its breeding sites are found in these environments.

Alert in Bilbao due to the increase in ticks and tiger mosquitoes

The elimination of breeding sites and the use of repellents are essential

To prevent the proliferation of the tiger mosquito, authorities recommend several concrete actions. It is essential to remove the water accumulated in gutters and other containers at least once a week, renew the water for pets every two days and pour hot water into sinks and drains. Besides, The use of authorized insecticides and repellents, together with the installation of mosquito nets on the windows and the use of clothing that covers the skin, are effective measures to prevent bites..

On the other hand, ticks They are a recurring problem in the green areas of Bilbao. These mites can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease through their bites.. Areas with abundant vegetation and access to wild animals are the places most likely to harbor ticks. To prevent them from sticking to the skin, it is recommended to wear long-sleeved clothing, long pants and closed-toed shoes during outings in the countryside, as well as applying authorized repellents and carrying out a thorough inspection of the body and clothing after walks.

In addition to ticks and tiger mosquitoes, there are other insects that, although they do not represent a health risk, can cause discomfort. The stink bug and midges of the Sciaridae family are frequently found in the area of ​​Bilbao.. These insects affect plants, fruit trees and crops, causing inconvenience to citizens.

The prevention and control of ticks and tiger mosquitoes in Bilbao is a priority for local authorities. Citizens must follow the recommendations issued by the City Council's Health and Consumer Affairs area to minimize the risk of bites and the spread of these insects. Using repellents, removing water accumulations, and regularly checking your clothing and body after outdoor activities are key measures to protect yourself from these insects. Maintaining good personal hygiene and wearing appropriate clothing are also important strategies to avoid contact.

Local authorities continue to work to control the presence of these insects and protect public health in Bilbao. Citizen collaboration is essential to achieve this goal and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all. The information and recommendations provided by the Health and Consumer Affairs area of ​​Bilbao City Council must be followed to the letter to guarantee the effectiveness of preventive measures.

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