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Deusto second best university in Business Administration

Jesus Carames

September 7, 2023 | 11:00 a.m.

In the vast panorama of higher education in Spain, the University of Deusto stands out as one of the main private institutions. His legacy, his educational quality and its influence on various disciplines make this university a point of reference in the Spanish and European academic field.

History and legacy

Founded in 1886 by the Society of Jesus, the University of Deusto has always been synonymous with excellence, tradition and innovation. Located in Bilbao, this university has not only trained generations of students, but has also contributed significantly to the cultural and socioeconomic development of the Basque Country.

Prestige in teaching

The latest analysis of the CYD Ranking highlighted the University of Deusto in several disciplines. In the field of Social Sciences, Deusto is positioned as a leader, surpassing even renowned public institutions. Specifically in ADE, the university ranks second, once again demonstrating its commitment to academic excellence.

International focus

Beyond its academic achievements, Deusto is known for its international orientation. With numerous exchange programs, collaborations with universities around the world and an educational approach that promotes globality, Deusto prepares its students to face an increasingly globalized labor market.

Commitment to research

Although private universities tend to excel in teaching and learning, the University of Deusto is not far behind in terms of research. Its commitment to generating new and relevant knowledge is evident in its many doctoral programs, research centers, and scholarly publications.

Integral formation

One of the pillars of the University of Deusto is the comprehensive training of its students. Based on Ignatian pedagogy, this university not only focuses on academic excellence, but also on the ethical and social formation of its students, preparing them to be leaders committed to society.

Challenges and future

In a constantly changing world, the University of Deusto looks to the future with a clear vision: to continue being a benchmark in higher education, adapting to the new needs and challenges of society. This implies constant investment in technology, pedagogical innovation and international collaborations.

In conclusion, the University of Deusto is consolidated as one of the main educational institutions in Spain. Its legacy, commitment to quality, and comprehensive approach position it as a first-rate option for all those seeking an excellent higher education.

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