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EH Bildu promotes analysis by the General Assembly to improve metro frequency

Mairenis Gomez

June 19, 2024 | 7:30 pm

At the initiative of EH Bildu, the General Assembly has decided to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the request to improve the frequency of the metro

The General Assembly of Bizkaia has decided, at the initiative of EH Bildu, carry out a comprehensive analysis to improve the frequency of the subway. The measure seeks to adapt to demographic changes and urban mobility trends, ensuring fair and efficient fare integration with other means of transportation. With 43 votes in favor and two abstentions, the Consortium of Transport in Bizkaia to prepare a detailed report on the demand for the service. This analysis will consider socioeconomic variables and demographic forecasts, with the aim of optimizing frequency throughout the metro network.

The importance of an efficient metro service for the community of Bizkaia

Raúl Méndez Urigoitia, member of the EH Bildu assembly, highlighted the agreement as a positive step towards the continuous improvement of metro frequencies. "We leave the doors open to continue improving frequencies," he stated, underlining the importance of responding to the requests of the municipalities of the Costa Uribe. This approach seeks to ensure a metro service that responds fairly and efficiently to the needs of the entire community.

The improvement of metro frequencies not only seeks to adapt to current demands, but also to anticipate future needs. The report that the Bizkaia Transport Consortium will prepare will be crucial to making informed decisions and ensuring quality service. The EH Bildu initiative reflects a commitment to the well-being of citizens and the efficiency of public transport in Bizkaia.

The general assembly approves an annual institutional advertising plan

In the same plenary session, the General Assembly of Bizkaia also approved a transactional modification to regulate institutional advertising in the media. This measure, promoted by EAJ, EH Bildu, PSE, PP and Elkarker Bizkaia, requests the Provincial Council of Bizkaia to prepare an annual advertising and communication plan. This plan must include equality objectives, language and environmental criteria, as well as the campaigns planned by the institutions and departments of the provincial public sector.

Furthermore, transparency and planning are fundamental pillars of this initiative. The annual plan and its implementation memorandum will be published on the Council's website at the beginning of each year, ensuring that citizens are informed about institutional communication and publicity actions. This measure not only seeks to optimize public resources, but also to encourage citizen participation and control over the institutions' decisions.

At the initiative of EH Bildu, the General Assembly has decided to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the request to improve the frequency of the metro. AND

Rejection of other proposals and focus on community priorities

The plenary session also rejected a motion on the improvement of provincial services aimed at people with disabilities and a regulatory proposal to improve menus in school cafeterias, both EH Bildu initiatives. However, the focus on improving subway frequencies and regulating institutional advertising reflects a commitment to the community's most pressing priorities.

The General Assembly of Bizkaia, with these decisions, shows a clear commitment to improving public services and transparency in the management of resources. The approved initiatives, mostly promoted by EH Bildu, seek to respond to the needs of the population and ensure sustainable development and fair for all the inhabitants of Bizkaia.

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