June 16th, 2024 | 3:20


EH Bildu intensifies efforts to abolish bullfighting in Bilbao

Jesus Carames

May 16, 2024 | 3:24 p.m.

EH Bildu has launched a campaign to abolish bullfighting in Bilbao, arguing that the use of the bullring for bullfighting is anachronistic and proposing a more beneficial use for the community.

A call to action against bullfighting

EH Bildu, through its Twitter account @ehbildubilbo, has called on citizens to join a Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) against animal abuse. "We encourage citizens to join the ILP against animal abuse, to together put an end to bullfighting in our city," declared the political formation.

EH Bildu's proposal focuses on the idea that the Bilbao bullring, known as Vista Alegre, should stop being used for animal torture and be converted to uses that benefit the majority of citizens.

Arguments against bullfighting

EH Bildu considers that bullfighting is an obsolete practice and contrary to the values ​​of a modern society that respects animals. «Bilboko zezen-plaza animalien torturerako erabiltzen jarraitzea guztiz anakronikoa da,» they noted in their statement, highlighting that the continued use of the plaza for this purpose is completely anachronistic.

Proposals for an alternative use of the bullring

EH Bildu proposes that the Bilbao City Council guarantee that the bullring is used for public services and for the benefit of the social majority of Bilbao. «Borondate kontua da. Udal Gobernuak plazaren erabilera zerbitzu publikorako eta Bilboko gehiengo sozialaren mesedetan izatea bermatu behar du,» they stated, stressing that it is a matter of political will and responding to the demands of Bilbao society.

The formation suggests that the bullring could be transformed into a space for cultural events, concerts, fairs and other activities that promote community well-being and the cultural development of the city. These proposals would not only eliminate animal abuse, but would also provide a new economic and social boost to Bilbao.

Resistance and support for the initiative

EH Bildu's campaign has generated an intense debate in the city. On the one hand, many citizens and animal rights associations support the initiative and believe that it is time to move towards a more compassionate society. On the other hand, defenders of bullfighting argue that it is a cultural tradition that must be preserved.

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