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EH Bildu proposes direct management to resolve the Bilbobus conflict

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 17, 2024 | 11:41 a.m.

The councilors of EH Bildu, Karlos Renedo and Nerea Undabarrena, have stated that the “true solution” to Bilbobus conflict It involves direct management of the service instead of resorting to subcontractors. These statements come after the workers' assembly decided not to accept the pre-agreement proposal negotiated by the company and part of the workers' committee..

Direct management: the only sustainable and fair solution according to EH Bildu

Renedo and Undabarrena have harshly criticized the agreement offered by the company, calling it a "patch" intended to falsely close the labor dispute. For them, the solution must be long-term and guarantee both decent working conditions and a quality public service for the citizens of Bilbao.. According to the councilors, the current proposal does not address the roots of the problem and only seeks a temporary solution that does not benefit workers or users.

In addition, they have denounced the "lack of transparency and rigor" of both the municipal government and the company throughout the process. An example of this opacity is that, despite the fact that the contract is going to be terminated by mutual agreement due to non-compliance by the company, it rushes to negotiate conditions until 2027, when it is no longer the successful bidder.. This situation, according to EH Bildu, shows the need for a change in the management of the service.

Impact on workers and citizens: an urgent need for change

For the EH Bildu councilors, the biggest losers in this conflict continue to be the Bilbobus workers, who see how they lose purchasing power, and the citizens of Bilbao, who do not receive an adequate transport service. Renedo and Undabarrena insist that direct management of the service is the only way to ensure good service and fair working conditions.

They have pointed out that it is evident that continuing to outsource the service to companies whose sole objective is to make profits is not the solution. Direct management, they argue, is the only guarantee to offer an efficient and fair service, both for workers and users.. This proposal not only seeks to resolve the current conflict, but also prevent future problems and ensure the sustainability of the Bilbobus service.

In conclusion, EH Bildu proposes a radical change in the management of the Bilbobus service to resolve the labor conflict in an effective and sustainable way. Direct management is seen as the best option to guarantee decent working conditions and quality service for all citizens of Bilbao.. With this proposal, Renedo and Undabarrena call on the municipal government to take immediate measures to resolve the situation and improve public transportation in the city.

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