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Ertzainas in fight collapses again to the people of Bilbao

Laura Rangel Ybarra

July 17, 2023 | 3:30 p.m.

Protest actions of 'Ertzainas in struggle' on the A-8

Movement members'ertzainas in struggle' have staged a significant protest this morning, provoking a significant traffic congestion in the accesses to Bilbao through the A-8 motorway.

Impact on accesses to Bilbao during rush hour

This movement, which had planned its protest since 7:30 in the morning, has managed to generate noticeable traffic jams in the accesses to Bilbao from the A-8. These traffic problems have especially affected vehicles coming from the Left Bank and the interior during rush hour.

The objective of the protest: wage improvements

The 'Ertzainas in struggle' seek to renegotiate a new agreement with the Basque Government that provides for salary improvements in the police force. The tension has intensified, especially after the Tour de France passed through Euskadi, an event in which more than a thousand ertzainas were absent due to medical leave, and it was necessary to resort to agents from special units to ensure the successful development of the race.

Traffic jams caused by a caravan of vehicles

The protest has taken the form of a caravan of more than a hundred vehicles linked to the union movement that have circulated from Sestao and Basauri on the A-8 at a maximum of 60 km/h, twenty less than usual on this road. These actions have caused major traffic jams during rush hour in the accesses to Bilbao from the Left Bank.

A fight of more than 12 years

Through their actions, the 'Ertzainas en lucha' seek to make their problem visible, which has remained unresolved for more than 12 years. The collective hopes that these protest actions and future negotiations will achieve a significant change in their working conditions.

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