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Ertzaintza operation in Bilbao with arrests and seizures of pink cocaine in Mazarredo

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 18, 2024 | 11:29 a.m.

The Ertzaintza has carried out a preventive operation in the Mazarredo area of ​​Bilbao, resulting in the arrest of one person, the investigation of another and the opening of files on 15 more for possession of narcotic substances. During the early hours of Saturday, the police seized various drugs and a kitchen knife.

Details of the Operation and Arrests

The Department of Security reported that 17 people were identified for drug possession in one of the preventive controls carried out in Bilbao. Most of those identified had a pink substance in their possession, presumably 'tusi'. Additionally, agents seized cocaine wrappers, marijuana and a kitchen knife. These findings resulted in the opening of files in accordance with the Law for the Protection of Citizen Security.

Among those detained, a man was arrested for possession of 10 grams of 'tusi', while another is being investigated after throwing seven wrappers of the same substance on the ground. Both face accusations of alleged crimes against public health.

'Tusi', also known as 'pink cocaine', is a drug that, despite its name, does not contain cocaine. Analysis carried out by the Energy Control project, financed by the Ministry of Health, reveals that the 'tusi' samples mainly contain ketamine, and in some cases, other substances such as caffeine or MDMA. Only in two analyzes has cocaine been found in 'tusi' doses, suggesting that its name may be misleading about its real composition.

Composition and Effects of 'Tusi'

'Tusi' is a substance that has gained notoriety in recent years due to its pink color and its nickname 'pink cocaine'. However, Analysis has shown that it does not contain cocaine, but is mainly composed of ketamine. Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic that can produce varying effects depending on the dose and method of consumption.

Other substances such as caffeine and MDMA have also been found in the 'tusi' samples. These substances can be combined to produce effects from dissociation to stimulation. The variability in effects depends on the specific type of 'tusi' and its composition. To a lesser extent, paracetamol has been found in some samples, adding another layer of complexity to the composition of this drug.

The presence of these substances makes the effects of 'tusi' unpredictable. Users may experience anything from a feeling of separation of body and mind to intense euphoria and energy.. Combining these substances may increase the risk of serious and potentially dangerous side effects.

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