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Euskotren and Metro Bilbao announce new summer schedules

Metro Bilbao considers increasing frequencies on lines 1 and 2

Jesus Carames

June 23, 2024 | 1:00 pm

Night service on Euskotren

As of June 24, Euskotren will implement its night service on all train lines, as well as on the Bilbao tram. This measure will allow users to enjoy more accessible transportation during summer nights. The affected lines include E1, E2, E3, E4 and E5, providing greater flexibility for night trips to various coastal and urban destinations.

In addition, the train-bus service that connects the station with the usansolo hospital You will also see changes to your schedule. These changes are designed to better synchronize bus departures and arrivals with train times, ensuring a smooth transition for users who need to travel between these key points.

Adjustments to the Bilbao tram

The Bilbao tram will also operate with a special schedule during the summer, running in both directions every 15 minutes. This increased frequency is designed to accommodate the increase in passengers expected during the summer season, facilitating travel within the city and to areas of tourist interest.

To avoid any confusion, Euskotren advises travelers to check schedules in advance. This information is available both in the official application and on the website www.euskotren.eus. You can also make inquiries by calling 944 333 333, where detailed assistance is offered on schedules and services.

Start of summer service in Metro Bilbao

Although Bilbao Metro will not activate its change to summer time until July 1, it has already begun to operate its Friday night service, which will be extended until September 30. This setting allows users to enjoy additional transportation options during weekend evenings, an especially useful feature for those planning evening activities.

The special summer service on Metro Bilbao is an annual tradition that adapts train schedules to improve accessibility and comfort for travelers during the hottest months. With these modifications, both Euskotren and Metro Bilbao seek to provide a more efficient service adapted to the needs of their users during the summer season.

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