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Explosion in a bar in Bilbao leaves two seriously injured

Mairenis Gomez

April 15, 2024 | 2:15 p.m.

Sunday night was marked by an alarming incident in the Irala neighborhood

Yesterday, around 21:00 p.m., a bar located in the quiet Irala neighborhood in Bilbao was the scene of a sinister accident. A butane cylinder, for reasons still under investigation, exploded, causing injuries to two people who were in the premises. This establishment, which at the time was not open to the public, suggests that those affected were workers preparing or closing the place. One of the injured was urgently transferred to Cruces Hospital with burns of varying degrees. The explosion generated a large amount of smoke, but, fortunately, it did not cause a fire, which prevented further damage to both the premises and the environment.

Emergency and security services response

After the explosion, the quick intervention of firefighters and emergency teams was crucial. Ertzaintza and Local Police patrols were immediately deployed to secure the area and assist in evacuation and security efforts. These types of efficient responses are vital to prevent the escalation of such incidents and ensure that victims receive the necessary medical attention immediately. The coordination between the different security forces and emergency services reflects the preparation and response capacity of our community in crisis situations.

After the explosion, the quick intervention of firefighters and emergency teams was crucial.

Gas Safety Prevention and Awareness

This incident reminds us of the importance of maintaining rigorous surveillance and carrying out periodic maintenance on facilities that use gas. Butane cylinders are common in many businesses and homes, and safe handling is essential to avoid accidents. Following safety guidelines, such as regularly checking cylinder condition and proper installation, is crucial to protecting employees and customers. Additionally, it is essential that all workers receive training on how to handle these materials safely and the measures to take in the event of an emergency.

Undoubtedly, Although the accident at the Irala bar was an unfortunate event, it serves as a vital reminder about the importance of safe gas handling. As the investigation continues, we hope to learn more about the exact causes that led to this incident and how we can prevent its recurrence in the future. This event also highlights the bravery and efficiency of our emergency services, who responded quickly and effectively to manage the situation and ensure that no more serious consequences resulted.

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