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The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum recovers a star work by Aranberri

wilmer ayala

November 26, 2020 | 3:00 pm

After 17 years closing the passage of the Iritegi cave, the artist has decided to finish the work by removing it from the entrance

El Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao has added to its collection one of the most important works of the career of Ibon Aranberri. A work that has a great story behind it and that has remained for 17 years in the open, leaving evidence in the artist's work of the passage of time.

The work began in 2003, when Ibon Aranberri was entrusted with a new project whose objective was cover the access to the Iritegi cave, near the sanctuary of Arantzazu. Now, after several years, the artist has decided to remove the metal work and the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum has taken it over.

Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao
Iranberri decided to withdraw the work after 17 years

Aranberri removes his work from the cave

As we have previously commented, the work of Ibon Aranberri has a beautiful story. The artist accepted the project to wall up the entrance to the cave, but left enough space for the bats to enter and exit without any problem. Something humans couldn't do.

Several years later, Ibon Aranberri decided to dismantle his work, reopening the entrance to the cave. Something that the artist considered as part of a liberation process, since he considered that it was impossible to make the cave inaccessible today. That is why now the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum has taken over the work.

The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum buys the work for 65.000 euros

After removing the work from the place where it has remained for the last 17 years, the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum has bought Zulo beltzen geometria, as the creation is actually called, for 65.000 euros. In this way, it is currently exposed in the museum hall.

The work, which weighs approximately one thousand kilos, shows evidence of the passage of time in its structure. Likewise, Ibon Aranberri has also donated to the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum a visual work that he produced on Zulo beltzen geometry, in order to enjoy his exhibition even more.

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