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Norman Foster finds opposition to the expansion of the Bilbao Fine Arts

wilmer ayala

February 22, 2021 | 4:00 p.m.

The project has many detractors, who have asked the Basque Government to cancel it for failing to comply with various laws

Just a few months ago we learned about the expansion project of the Museum of Fine Arts Bilbao. A project that would be carried out by the architect Norman Foster, who was awarded the job after an international competition. But now, they have found great impediments to be able to carry it out.

This situation is not new in the city, since there were also those who opposed the opening of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Nevertheless, opposition to the project has reached the Basque Parliament, where they have asked that any remodeling in the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum be stopped immediately.

Bilbao Fine Arts
Norman Foster's project at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum is in danger

Problems for the Bilbao Fine Arts project

The opposition to Norman Foster's project at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum is led by the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The institution ensures that the extension does not comply with the Basque Cultural Heritage Law or the Spanish Historical Heritage Law, for which reason it requests its cancellation.

They also ensure that the project, which will place a new structure on the museum, violates the laws on protected assets, as is the case. In this way, they hope that Norman Foster's project will be paralyzed, since it does not comply with the laws established to be able to remodel and historic building.

A platform to stop Norman Foster's project

Finally, we have also been able to learn that a platform has joined the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. A platform called Civic Manifesto in defense of the integrity of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum and which categorically calls for the remodeling project to be cancelled.

According to the platform, the project does not comply with the urban, architectural and landscape values ​​of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. Likewise, they ensure that the environment of the museum is also in danger of deformation, considering the project untimely and illegal, since it is a protected building.

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