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From Andrés, a new vision for the Basque PP and another threat for the PNV

Mairenis Gomez

April 22, 2024 | 9:29 p.m.

In the recent elections, the Popular Party (PP) of the Basque Country, led by De Andrés, has shown signs of significant renewal under his candidacy, standing out for an approach and discourse that is far from the traditional lines set by Núñez Feijóo at the national level. . His ability to present a different political proposal has begun to resonate within an electorate that is looking for viable alternatives to the dominant parties, such as the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV).

Andrés has been described by his followers as "a machine", a compliment to his energy and dedication in the electoral campaign, where he has been able to differentiate his message from that of other leaders of his party in the rest of Spain. Curiously, he has mentioned ETA less in his speeches than the PSE-EE's own Andueza, suggesting a strategic shift to focus more on current problems that concern voters, such as the economy, public management and social services. instead of focusing on the hurts of the past.

This renewed focus has served to position the Basque PP as a credible and moderate option, which could attract voters who have traditionally supported the PNV. Although the results have not immediately reflected a drastic change in the Basque political landscape, De Andrés's actions have sown the seeds for potential growth of the PP in the region.

The main challenge for De Andrés and the Basque PP will be to maintain this moderate and constructive line, avoiding being overshadowed by the political dynamics operating in Madrid. If they manage to maintain a distinctive identity that speaks directly to the needs and concerns of the Basque electorate, they could begin to erode the PNV's voter base. This would imply not only continuing with a discourse that moves away from the centralism sometimes accused of Feijóo, but also proposing concrete and effective solutions to local problems.

De Andrés and his team need to work on building a solid structure that can compete effectively within four years, which includes strengthening their presence in all Basque provinces and better understanding the specific demands of these voters. The potential to attract PNV voters exists, but the ability of the Basque PP to present itself as a realistic and attractive alternative will be crucial.

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