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GO Fit, Viding and beUP compete for the million-dollar contract for the La Casilla pavilion in Bilbao

Jesus Carames

April 12, 2023 | 9:16 a.m.

Three large managers of sports facilities are disputing a contract of 20 million euros in the capital of Bizkaia

GO Fit, Viding and beUP are in the fight for a contract 20 millones de euros in Bilbao. These three prominent managers of sports facilities, together with the construction companies Murias and the Bycam-Intxausti joint venture, are competing for the award of the reconstruction and subsequent operation of the new sports equipment of the box, former Bilbao Basket pavilion.

La Casilla, an ambitious project

The project in question consists of the reconstruction and exploitation of the old Bilbao Basket pavilion, located in La Casilla. This new sports facility promises to become a benchmark in the city, offering its inhabitants modern facilities and a wide range of sports activities.

The companies participating in the bid for this contract are among the most recognized in the field of sports facilities. All of them have solid experience in the management and construction of similar sports projects.

The contenders: GO Fit, Viding and beUP

GO Fit is a chain of sports centers that operates in Spain and Portugal. With more than 15 centers in operation, it has established itself as one of the leading companies in the sector. Its facilities offer a wide range of activities and services, from swimming pools to fitness rooms, spas and play areas for children.

Viding is another important chain of sports centers in Spain, which has facilities in several cities. With a focus on the quality and well-being of its users, Viding has earned the trust of thousands of people who come to its centers to stay fit and take care of their health.

beUP is a company that operates in the field of sports and leisure management, with facilities in different Spanish towns. Its offer includes a variety of activities, from fitness and yoga classes to specific programs for children and seniors.

The adjudication process and its implications

The award of the contract for the reconstruction and operation of the new sports facilities at La Casilla in Bilbao represents a unique opportunity for participating companies. With a value of 20 million euros, the project promises to be a profitable business for the winning company and an important boost for the sports sector in the city.

However, competition is fierce, and companies will have to demonstrate their ability to carry out this large-scale project. The outcome of the award will depend on the economic and technical proposal presented by each participant, as well as their experience in the management of similar sports facilities.

In any case, the new La Casilla sports equipment is emerging as a valuable asset for Bilbao. With the award of this contract, the Basque city takes another step towards promoting sport and active life among its citizens

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