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Hotel boom in Bilbao 2023: Tickets on the rise, overnight stays on the rise and impact of Aste Nagusia

bilbao hotel price

Laura Rangel Ybarra

September 21, 2023 | 2:00 p.m.

€130 the average price of a hotel room in Bilbao

Summer has always been a favorable time for in Spain, and the province of Bizkaia is not an exception. August 2023 has been particularly notable, showing the strength and resilience of this sector in the region. Below are significant data that support this boom, such as the average price of hotels in Bilbao.

Increase in tickets and overnight stays

Visits to hotel establishments in Bizkaia during August have increased by 1,7% year-on-year. These numbers translate into 190.784 entradas total. But beyond the number of people entering, it is interesting to note that overnight stays have experienced even more pronounced growth, rising by 5,4%, which means a total of 408.804 overnight stays. These data not only indicate a greater influx of tourists, but also a preference to stay longer in the region.

Bilbao, The heart of Bizkaia

Bilbao, as the capital of Bizkaia, reflects this tourist growth. Entries into the city increased by 2,8%, while overnight stays did so in a 6,6%. These percentages, although they seem modest, translate into thousands of additional tourists who choose to visit and stay in Bilbao.

Hotel rates: An indication of quality

Another interesting aspect to consider is the average daily rate of hotels. In Bizkaia, the rate for a double room on an accommodation-only basis has been placed at 117,40 Euros in August. This increase of 9,0% compared to the same month last year is indicative of the quality and service that these establishments are offering.

bilbao hotel price
In Bilbao, this average rate has been 129,20 euros, reflecting the city's position as a premium destination within the province.

Aste Nagusia: Tourism boost in Bilbao

Without a doubt, one of the biggest attractions for tourists in August is the celebration of the Aste Nagusia in Bilbao. During August 19 and 27, the city's hotel establishments registered 36.743 entradas y 77.801 overnight stays. These numbers exceed the previous year's figures by 9,9% y 10,0%respectively.

The occupancy rate, both by places and rooms, has been impressive, with figures of 84,3% y 91,6%, respectively. These numbers reflect not only the attractiveness of the festival, but also Bilbao's ability to accommodate a large number of visitors.

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