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In 'El Hormiguero', Marta Hazas and Alex García share their charm in Bilbao

In 'El Hormiguero', Marta Hazas and Alex García share their charm in Bilbao

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 11, 2024 | 12:03 pm

The new series 'From Tomorrow', starring Marta Hazas and Alex García, premieres on Disney+ and takes the actors to film in Bilbao for four months

The series 'From Tomorrow', created by Daniel Écija, has arrived on Disney+ to surprise us with its plot full of mystery and supernatural phenomena. With Marta Hazas and Alex García in the main roles, the series follows the story of a woman who, after finding a rock during a move, begins to have visions of the future, including the death of his daughter. Despite her skepticism towards the supernatural, Hazas plays a character who enters a world of uncertainty and fear, only supported by a police officer who has lived a similar experience.

In 'El Hormiguero', Marta Hazas and Alex García share their charm in Bilbao

Hazas admitted in 'El Hormiguero' his disbelief in the supernatural, remembering a failed experience with a psychic in his childhood. Despite this, The actress recognizes that some things that we consider magical today could have an explanation in the future. On the other hand, his partner Alex García was more open to the idea of ​​the paranormal, claiming to believe in it almost one hundred percent, although the predictions he has received have not been particularly revealing.

Exploring Bilbao between filming: pintxos and pilates

During the four months of filming in Bilbao, Hazas and García found time to enjoy the city. Hazas immersed himself in the local food culture, enjoying pintxos and wines with friends from the production, while García chose to stay active, joining the Metropolitan gym and adopting a Pilates routine. This combination of activities allowed them to balance their lifestyles, creating a perfect dynamic between them.

Bilbao and its charms: from the gym to karaoke

Filming in Bilbao not only allowed the actors to discover the city, but also to immerse themselves in its social life. García, who was initially not very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​growing a mustache, found in Hazas a positive influence that led him to enjoy Bilbao's nightlife. The duo became regulars at karaoke, an entertainment they discovered thanks to a makeup artist on the production team. This experience not only strengthened their friendship, but also allowed them to connect with the local culture in a unique and fun way.

The series 'From tomorrow' promises to be a success, not only for its intriguing plot and outstanding performances, but also for having been filmed in a city as vibrant and full of life as Bilbao. With its premiere on Disney+, the series will surely attract viewers from all over the world, who will be able to enjoy not only a fascinating story, but also the charms of Bilbao through the screen.

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