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Izaskun Bilbao reveals keys to lobbying and transparency in Brussels

Mairenis Gomez

June 20, 2024 | 5:00 pm

MEP Izaskun Bilbao shares her experiences on lobbying and transparency in Brussels and Strasbourg

El Transport Business Forum, organized by Astic in Bilbao last week, had a highlight with the participation of Izaskun Bilbao, an MEP who will soon leave her position after the recent European elections. During his speech, Bilbao offered a detailed and insightful view of the internal workings of the negotiations in Brussels and Strasbourg, shedding light on little-known aspects of these legislative processes.

The role of the transparency register and participation in the commission

From the beginning, Bilbao emphasized the importance of being registered in the Transparency Registry, an essential requirement to be consulted by the Commission before the regulations are approved. This registry is the first step in ensuring that relevant voices are heard in the legislative process. "It is not just about complying, but about being protagonists from the first moment in the construction of legislation for change," said Bilbao, underlining the need for active and committed participation from the beginning.

The complex legislative process of the European Union according to Izaskun Bilbao

The MEP explained that the legislative process in the European Union is complex and multifaceted. It begins with consultations with interested parties, where registration in the Transparency Registry plays a crucial role. The European Commission then prepares proposals that must be debated and agreed upon by both the European Parliament as by the Council of Transport Ministers of the Member States. Bilbao highlighted that the final result is an agreement that reflects the diverse opinions and contributions of multiple actors.

The importance of lobbying and building solutions

Bilbao recognized that lobbying is essential in this process, since it facilitates dialogue and the construction of solutions. "There are many people who have the opportunity to give their opinion, but it all depends on the willingness to work," he said, emphasizing the importance of collaboration. and effective communication between all parties involved.

Lobbying, according to Bilbao, should not be seen with negative connotations, but rather as a necessary tool to achieve an informed and balanced consensus. This approach makes it easier for final decisions to reflect a balance between the interests of the different sectors and the political objectives of the European Union. Transparency and openness in this process are essential to maintaining public trust and ensuring that the resulting policies are fair and effective.

Tips to make yourself heard in the European institutions

To conclude his intervention, Bilbao offered a series of practical advice for those who wish to influence the decisions of the European institutions. Among them, he highlighted the importance of being in the Transparency Registry, clearly identifying the speakers of the reports and clearly explaining the aspects that are of most concern.. Furthermore, he stressed the need to reach agreement within the sector on many issues, which would facilitate the presentation of a unified and strong position.

The final message from Bilbao was a call for inclusion and diversity. He placed particular emphasis on the need to incorporate more women in these processes, arguing that a diverse vision could be a lever for the cultural change necessary in the sector. This call to action resonates with current trends toward greater inclusion and equity in all areas of society.

The Transport Business Forum, organized by Astic in Bilbao last week, had a highlight with the participation of Izaskun Bilbao

Tribute to Izaskun Bilbao and its legacy in the transport sector

Izaskun Bilbao's intervention concluded with a tribute from Astic, recognizing his dedication and support during his 15 years of service in the European Parliament. This tribute underlines the significant impact that Bilbao has had on the transport sector and its commitment to transparency and constructive dialogue in European politics.

In short, Izaskun Bilbao's participation in the Transport Business Forum not only offered a deep insight into the European legislative process, but also underlined the importance of transparency, lobbying and collaboration to achieve meaningful change. His call for inclusion and diversity adds an important dimension to the discussion, pointing the way toward a more equitable and representative future in the transportation sector and beyond.

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