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Bilbao Puppet Theater: Janni Young South African flash on stage

Janni Young will be the main attraction at the Bilbao Puppet Festival

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 10, 2023 | 12:00 pm

The Bilbao TX Festival: A Fusion of Cultures and Art

El Bilbao International Puppet Festival, known as Bilbao TX Festival, prepares for his Edition 42, marking a milestone in the world of puppet theater. This year, the city dresses up among the November 18 and 26, housing a amalgamation of cultures and artistic expressions. With a rich and diverse program, the festival stands out for its international focus, where nine state companies and six international companies stand out, providing an unparalleled show.

Janni Young Productions: The Jewel in the Crown

The presence of South African group Janni Young Productions It is announced as the epicenter of the event. This ensemble, renowned for its innovation and mastery in the art of puppetry, promises to be a transformative experience for attendees. His work 'Origins' is not just a show, but a deep narrative about human relationships and the impact we generate on each one. With performances in Bilbao, Muskiz and Tolosa, 'Origins' combines puppets, dance and live music, offering a unique vision of puppet theater.

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Janni Young will be the main attraction at the Bilbao Puppet Festival

Diversity and Teaching: Festival Values

The festival is not only a showcase of talent, but also a space for social reflection. The Malaga company The black mirror, with its work 'Cris, little brave', addresses LGTBI issues from a pedagogical and playful perspective, using the universal language of puppets. This integration of art and social teaching is a reflection of the festival's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Bilbao TX Festival: Beyond the Stages

In addition to the performances, the festival offers activities that enrich the puppet theater sector. Highlights the presentation of first Directory of Basque companies in the field of Puppet and Object Theater, an initiative of Department of Culture and Basque Language of the Basque Government. This directory becomes a key tool for the promotion and development of the performing arts in the region. Likewise, a dialogue will be held between Basque professional companies, promoting the creation of a common artistic space that addresses collective interests and needs.

El Bilbao TX Festival It is not just an event, but a cultural movement that seeks to transcend the limits of theater and become a meeting point for artists, thinkers and art lovers. His Edition 42 is a promise of innovation, diversity and learning, with Janni Young Productions at its center, shining like a beacon of creativity and artistic excellence.

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