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New dock in Zorrotza for large ships from Bilbao

New dock in Zorrotza for large ships from Bilbao

Maria Jose Gonzalez

February 20, 2024 | 12:01 p.m.

El Zorrotza pier in Bilbao is destined to become a new epicenter for docking large vessels. This project, which will materialize in the coming years, represents a significant change in the city's port dynamics. Councilor Asier Abaunza has shared the details with the residents of Zorrotza, explaining how this transformation is part of a broader urban plan that will affect the Punta Zorrotza peninsula.

The reconversion of Zorrotza into a key dock for large ships

The decision to transform the Zorrotza pier at a docking point for large ships arises as a response to the construction of two tram bridges over the Zorrotzaurre island. These bridges, fixed and at a limited height, will prevent large vessels from sailing upstream, as is currently the case up to the Euskalduna bridge. This strategic change will not only affect navigation in the estuary, but will also influence maritime and commercial activity in the area.

The integration of the tram into these bridges has been a determining factor in their design. The technical and economic complications of building mobile bridges have led to opting for fixed structures. This more practical and less expensive approach It aligns with the predominant use of the estuary: pleasure boats, motorboats and tourist boats, which do not require a greater passage height.

Urban and cultural impact in the Zorrotza area

Zorrotza will host the new dock for large ships in Bilbao

The future configuration of Zorrotza pier It will not only change the port landscape of Bilbao, but will also have a significant urban impact. The area around the dock, which currently has an extensive docking line and considerable open space, will be transformed. ANDThis development will be integrated into the urban plan of Punta Zorrotza, which is expected to be provisionally defined before 2027.

Furthermore, the preservation of historical elements such as the Stowage crane at the Zorrotza dock, which will remain as a vestige of past maritime activity, underlines the city's commitment to its cultural and industrial heritage. This integration of the new with the old reflects a holistic vision of development, where progress does not erase history, but enhances it.

This project is a clear example of how urbanism and planning can redefine the character of a city, adapting it to modern needs without losing its essence. For the citizens of Bilbao and especially for those of Zorrotza, this development represents not only a change in the urban landscape, but also new opportunities in terms of tourism, commerce and employment.

El future Zorrotza dock is emerging as a key element in the redefinition of the maritime and urban profile of Bilbao. Through this project, the city will not only adapt its infrastructure to the new realities of maritime transport, but will also create a new space for life and activity in one of its most emblematic areas.

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