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Opening of La Esperanza, a new facility for youth development in Bilbao

Opening of 'La Esperanza' A new horizon for youth development

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 29, 2024 | 7:43 a.m.

Recently, 'La Esperanza', a new municipal facility, was inaugurated child and youth in the Old Town of Bilbao. This space, located on Esperanza Street, offers various facilities distributed over five floors, including haurgune, gaztegune, library-media library and fronton.

The City Council has allocated a significant investment of 1.484.283 euros for this project, with the aim of creating a versatile, adaptable and spacious environment. In total, 1.270,77 square meters have been intervened on, strategically distributed on the different floors of the building.

A multifunctional space for integral growth in La Esperanza in Bilbao

Opening of 'La Esperanza' A new horizon for youth development

'La Esperanza' is presented as a participatory socio-educational youth center space, designed so that young people can learn, experiment, have fun, play sports and socialize in Bilbao. From a comprehensive approach, a tour is offered that allows children and adolescents to access a variety of services accompanied by a team of professionals who are experts in child care.

Among the featured facilities is a maker laboratory equipped with cutting-edge technology, as well as educational programs such as 'Bizilbe' and STEAM workshops. In addition, a library-media library is offered with a wide range of cultural materials and activities.

The schedules of the different services are adapted to the needs of users, with activities available during the week and on weekends. From haurgune and gaztegune to the library-media library and the sports space, 'La Esperanza' offers opportunities for the comprehensive development of young people in Bilbao.

The opening of 'La Esperanza' represents a new horizon for the youth center in Bilbao, providing a multifunctional space that promotes learning, creativity and well-being of the youth community.

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