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Osalan reinforces job security at BIEMH 2024

Mairenis Gomez

June 5, 2024 | 6:30 pm

Osalan highlights the importance of prevention and occupational health at BIEMH 2024, offering workshops and resources to raise awareness about emerging risks and preventive measures

At BIEMH 2024, Osalan-Basque Institute of Occupational Safety and Health It is presented as a reference in raising awareness about the importance of safety and health at work. With its presence at the WORKinn Talent Hub, Osalan seeks to reinforce its message that a decent job is one that guarantees the well-being of its employees.

Osalan highlights the importance of prevention at BIEMH 2024 through the WORKinn Talent Hub

During the event, Osalan will have a stand where it will offer informative material and will carry out four workshops under the title "Do you want to gain health at work?" These workshops are designed to address the rights and obligations of workers regarding occupational risk prevention., covering four key areas.

In the first area, dedicated to the industrial sector and senior professionals, the need to introduce the age perspective in all business activities will be emphasized. This is crucial to adapt working conditions to the specific needs of more experienced employees.

Specialized workshops for the first job in the industrial sector and the gender perspective in occupational prevention

The second workshop will focus on emerging jobs of 2030. Here, it will be discussed how new technologies, such as robotics and artificial intelligence, can bring new occupational risks. Osalan will highlight the importance of implementing adequate preventive measures to face these technological challenges.

The third workshop will be aimed at those who are starting their career in the industrial sector. Osalan highlights the need to prevent both traditional and emerging risks. The importance of appropriate maintenance programs and specific training will be addressed according to the age and knowledge of new employees.

Gender perspective in occupational health

Finally, under the title "breaking the mold: women in masculinized sectors", the fourth workshop will deal with the gender perspective in occupational health. The health of men and women varies for biological and social reasons. Therefore, it is crucial to identify and combat inequalities and discrimination in the workplace.

Osalan highlights the importance of prevention and occupational health at BIEMH 2024

Open invitation to learn and improve occupational health

Osalan's presence at BIEMH 2024 is an invaluable opportunity to gain essential knowledge about workplace safety. Participating in these workshops will not only inform attendees, but will also foster a culture of prevention and wellness at work.

Ultimately, Osalan positions itself as a key player in promoting a safe and healthy work environment, ensuring decent conditions and comprehensive well-being for all workers. BIEMH 2024 will be the perfect setting to spread this message and reinforce Osalan's commitment to workplace safety.

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