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Police operation in Errekalde: Arrested for drug trafficking

Police operation in Errekalde Arrested for drug trafficking

Jeickson Sulbaran

January 31, 2024 | 7:07 p.m.

The Bilbao Municipal Police in Errekalde carried out a successful operation on January 26, arresting a man and a woman aged 46 and 51, respectively, for their alleged involvement in a crime against public health related with drug trafficking.

The investigation began in September after receiving multiple complaints from residents in the Errekalde neighborhood. Neighbors complained about suspicious activity around a specific portal on Goya Street. The Bilbao Municipal Police, in collaboration with the Criminalistics Inspection, established surveillance in the area and began monitoring.

The agents of the Criminalistics Inspection noticed the constant presence of a man and a woman in a home, who appeared to be carrying out transactions related to narcotic substances. Despite their counter-surveillance measures, the suspects were caught carrying out drug exchanges in different neighborhoods of the city.

Arrest and discovery

Police operation in Errekalde Arrested for drug trafficking

The climax of the investigation occurred last Friday, when the agents observed the suspects carrying out a transaction from their vehicle in Errekalde. It was at that moment that they proceeded to arrest them, with the support of agents from the Errekalde Inspection to guard both the detainees' home and garage.

During the search of the home, a total of 1.077 grams of amphetamines, 98 grams of cocaine, 677 grams of marijuana and 2.700 euros in cash were seized.. In addition, precision scales, cutting substances and accounting notebooks were found.

The legal consequences of those detained in Errekalde

The detainees were presented before the judge, who ordered their imprisonment as a precautionary measure.

This operation demonstrates the commitment of the Bilbao Municipal Police in the fight against drug trafficking and the protection of public health in the city. The collaboration between the authorities and the response to citizens' concerns have been essential to carry out this successful operation.

The diligent work and determination of security forces has resulted in those arrested related to illegal drug trafficking activities in the Errekalde neighborhood. This event highlights the importance of surveillance and citizen cooperation in the fight against crime in the town of Bilbao and the province of Bizkaia.

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