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New real estate operation of the Bishopric of Bilbao for 1,5 million

wilmer ayala

December 16, 2020 | 2:00 pm

The Government has bought the apartments to meet the needs of citizens who demand social rental houses

El Bishopric of Bilbao You have carried out a new real estate operation that will bring you great benefits. Specifically, they will be 1,5 millones de euros for the sale of several apartments in the city. now these flats will be used for social rent, as reported by the Government of Lakua, which has been the buyer.

The flats, which will be included in the public patrimony of land, will be used for social rental, although beforehand the Government will also carry out a great investment to rehabilitate them. In this way, the apartments will not be available until several months have passed, once the projected works are finished.

Bishopric of Bilbao
The Basque Government has bought 14 flats from the Bishopric of Bilbao

14 apartments sold in the Bishopric of Bilbao

In total, there have been 14 flats that the Bishopric of Bilbao has sold to the Basque Government, which will bear the price of the operation. These apartments will be managed by the public company Alokabide to put them up for social rent once the works have been completed.

Likewise, we have learned that the flats, which also include a 40-square-meter store, are located on Calle Virgen Begoña in Bilbao, at numbers 6 and 8. Now, all we have to do is wait to find out when the works will begin to the rehabilitation and conditioning of the houses.

More than 16.000 people are looking for a rental apartment in Bilbao

This operation by the Government of Lakua has been promoted by the great demand for rental housing. And it is that, according to the latest data recorded, in Bilbao there are 16.772 people looking for rental housing. In this way, several families will be able to see their demands satisfied.

There is still a lot of work to be done to attend to all the requests for demand, since of all the applicants for rental housing, 12.941 are registered in the city. Now, with the acquisition of 14 new homes, the Government has taken a big step to help citizens looking for social rent.

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