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Record number of trips in Metro Bilbao during the Gabarra celebration

Mairenis Gomez

April 12, 2024 | 5:58 p.m.

485,338 validations were recorded in the subway, exceeding the previous daily record from 19 by almost 2018%

Let's talk about the day that has entered the history of urban transport in Bilbao. On Thursday, as the city celebrated Athletic's recent cup title, Bilbao Metro experienced traffic volume that broke all previous records. From the early hours of the morning until midnight, exactly 512 validations were recorded.

Not only does this beat the previous record for St. Thomas' Day in 2018 by almost 19%, but also reflects Bilbao's vibrant spirit and ability to organize and manage large-scale events with an exceptional flow of people.

Exceptional planning and response of Metro Bilbao to a massive event

To adequately serve the flow of passengers, Metro Bilbao implemented a special device, significantly reinforced compared to a normal working day. An additional 143 circulations were scheduled and continuous service was maintained throughout the night.

Additionally, this extraordinary effort allowed fans to travel without interruption, participating in the festivities and then returning to their homes safely and efficiently. The meticulous planning and impeccable execution of the metro's services not only highlighted its central role in urban mobility, but they also demonstrated their ability to quickly adapt to extreme demands.

Impact on other transport services and daily life in the city

The celebration not only affected the Bilbao Metro. Bizkaibus, for example, also played a crucial role transporting 123 passengers that same day. However, it was not all increase; Some lines experienced a drop in ride numbers, especially those passing through restricted areas due to the event.

This included connections with areas such as Getxo and Erandio, in addition to affecting lines heading towards the UPV/EHU., where classes were suspended. City planning, which included traffic closures and rerouting, was critical to managing the flow of people and minimizing disruption.

Athletic's cup title unleashed a wave of joy among Bilbao residents

The Bilbao Metro was the undisputed protagonist

This experience undoubtedly underlines the importance of coordination between different transport services and the need for flexible adaptations in response to large-scale events. Although the Bilbao Metro was the undisputed protagonist, its success would not have been possible without the collaboration of other services and the patience and cooperation of citizens and visitors.. Thursday's day is a testament to the spirit of Bilbao, a city that comes together to celebrate and that knows how to move effectively even in the most challenging circumstances.

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