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The most typical rice cake in Bilbao

Jesus Carames

May 22, 2024 | 8:00 a.m.

Among the delights that this city offers, the Rice cake, a dessert that, despite its misleading name, does not contain rice among its ingredients. This particularity and its irresistible flavor have made this cake a true emblem of Bilbao pastries.

History and origin of rice cake

The origin of Rice Cake dates back to the 19th century. This dessert became popular in the pastry shops of Bilbao and, although its name may lead to confusion, it has a historical explanation. In the beginning, rice cakes actually contained rice. However, over time, the recipe evolved and the rice was replaced by other ingredients that simplified its preparation and improved its texture.

Ingredients and preparation

Despite not containing rice, Rice Cake is a perfect combination of simple and traditional ingredients. The basic ingredients are:

  • Broken mass: which serves as a base and support for the filling.
  • Milk: that provides softness and creaminess.
  • Sugar: which adds the necessary sweetness.
  • Eggs: that give consistency to the filling.
  • flour and butter: used to thicken and enrich the mixture.

The preparation is relatively simple. It starts with the shortcrust pastry, which is rolled out and placed in individual molds. Separately, mix the milk with sugar, flour, butter and eggs until you obtain a homogeneous cream. This cream is poured over the dough and baked until the cakes are golden brown and firm to the touch.

The unique taste of rice cake

What makes Rice Cake unique is its delicate flavor and soft, creamy texture. The contrast between the crunchy dough and the tender filling makes it a delicious and balanced bite. It is especially popular when served slightly hot, which enhances its flavor and aroma.

A dessert for all occasions

Rice Cake is a versatile dessert that can be enjoyed on any occasion. Whether as a sweet accompaniment to coffee, a snack with friends or the final touch to a family meal, this cake always finds its place. Its popularity has not diminished over time, and it remains one of the most loved options by both locals and visitors to Bilbao.

Where to enjoy rice cake in Bilbao

If you visit Bilbao, you cannot miss trying the authentic Rice Cake in one of its many traditional pastry shops. Among the most renowned are:

  • Arrese Pastry: Famous for its traditional sweets and its centuries-old history.
  • Zuricalday Pastry: With a wide variety of desserts, including the classic Rice Cake.
  • Don Manuel Pastry Shop: Known for its commitment to quality and tradition.

Rice cake is much more than a typical Bilbao dessert; It is a sample of the city's rich cultural and culinary heritage. Although its name may be confusing, its flavor is unmistakable and it has managed to earn a special place in the hearts of those who try it. If you have the opportunity to visit Bilbao, be sure to enjoy this delicious delicacy, which sums up in every bite the essence of the tradition and innovation of Basque pastries.

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