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Sabotage in Bilbobus hinders the minimum services of the strike

: Image of a Bilbobus bus traveling through the streets of Bilbao on a sunny summer day.

Jesus Carames

April 15, 2024 | 2:37 p.m.

Today's day in Bilbao has been marked by new acts of sabotage that have seriously affected the operation of Bilbobus, preventing the circulation of most of the buses that should provide service under the minimums decreed due to the strike. BIOBIDE, the concessionaire company, has reported that of the 38 buses that should be operational in the morning shift, only between 5 and 10 have been able to leave garages due to various acts of vandalism.

Sabotage incidents on Bilbobus

According to company sources, the damage includes broken windows on 6 buses, punctured wheels on 2 units and acts of vandalism such as thrown paint and vinyl placed on the windows and interiors of several vehicles. In addition, 65 power disconnectors, essential for starting the buses, have been stolen, causing the affected vehicles to return to the depots without being able to complete their routes.

Impact on citizens

These sabotages are causing significant harm to public service users, many of whom depend on Bilbobus to travel to hospitals, workplaces and educational centers. The situation has been aggravated today as the guaranteed minimum services cannot be met, which has generated significant delays and cancellations.

Calls and responses

BIOBIDE has issued an urgent statement requesting that these acts of sabotage cease and has appealed to the strike committee to intervene and ensure compliance with minimum services. “These acts of vandalism not only harm the company, but also all citizens who see their mobility limited at critical moments,” declared a Biobide spokesperson.

The company has also reported the incidents to local authorities, asking for quick and effective action to identify and punish those responsible for these sabotage. Meanwhile, additional measures are being taken to secure vehicles and facilities, and work is being done in coordination with municipal police to increase surveillance and prevent future incidents.

Municipal reactions

Bilbao City Council has expressed its concern about the repeated incidents and has condemned any act of sabotage that interferes with essential public services. "It is essential that during strike periods minimum services are maintained to guarantee the right of all citizens to mobility," commented a representative of the city council.

This is the third day in a row that similar sabotage has been reported, and tension between the concessionaire, striking employees and service users appears to be increasing. All eyes are on the ongoing negotiations and the measures that the authorities will take to restore order and guarantee the safety and efficiency of public transport in the capital of Biscay.

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