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ELA rejects pre-agreement in Bilbobus

Jesus Carames

May 15, 2024 | 11:45 a.m.

Bilbobus workers must vote this Thursday in two assemblies, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, according to their work shift, to ratify the pre-agreement signed on Tuesday by UGT, CCOO and USO with the service manager, Biobide. This pre-agreement, signed late Tuesday night, could put an end to the labor dispute if it is accepted by the majority of workers.

Details of the pre-agreement: Salary increase and validity until 2027

The pre-agreement, which is valid until 2027, includes salary increases in 2025, 2026 and 2027. These increases will be referenced to the salary increases of employees of the Basque administration. Furthermore, if the CPI exceeds the salary increase for civil servants, Bilbobus workers will receive a differential in favor of 0,5%, with a marked minimum of 0,7% for those years.

While awaiting the result of the vote, the strike has been suspended, allowing the buses to resume their normal schedule and 100% of their services.

ELA the only union that rejects

CCOO, one of the signatory unions, has acknowledged that they are not totally satisfied with the pre-agreement, although they do not consider it entirely negative. According to union sources, although the CPI is not explicitly mentioned, the salary increases correspond to the CPI of the pre-agreement years.

On the other hand, the ELA union has shown its rejection of the economic content of the pre-agreement. ELA criticizes that salary increases based on the annual CPI are not included and that the increases depend on the salary increase in the public service established by Madrid. For ELA, this neutralizes its own bargaining framework and subjects wages to state laws.

LAB, which has a minority representation on the Bilbobus committee, is still evaluating the direction of the vote that it will propose to its members.

The future of the Bilbobus concession

This pre-agreement comes after the Bilbao City Council has started the process of resolving the contract with Biobide, the joint venture formed by ALSA-Transitia and Bilbobus concessionaire. This contract resolution process will take around three months, after which a transitional period will be established while the new specifications are prepared and the new contract is put out to tender.

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