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Knife attacks after a soccer match leave five arrested and 24 investigated

Jesus Carames

March 18, 2024 | 5:34 p.m.

Violence in the streets of Bilbao

A fight with knives unleashed chaos in the streets of Bilbao after a soccer match between two groups of young people from Eibar and Bilbao. The meeting, agreed upon through social networks, became a scene of uncontrolled violence in the Irala area, leaving several people injured and two of them hospitalized in Basurto.

Ertzaintza action

The intervention of the Ertzaintza was crucial to contain the situation. Five young people, aged between 15 and 19, were arrested for their alleged participation in the riot. In addition, another 24 people are under investigation for their links to the violent events.

Escalation of violence after the game

According to the statement from the Security Department, the fight broke out at the end of the game, around eight in the afternoon. The young people involved confronted each other with knives and other dangerous objects, creating a scene of violence that required police intervention.

Legal consequences for those involved

The detainees were transferred to the police headquarters to begin the corresponding proceedings. Once the investigations are completed, it is expected that they will be brought to justice to answer for the crimes of injuries and participation in a riot.

The violence generated after this soccer match is a reminder of the dangers of confrontation and lack of control in sporting events. It is necessary to promote peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among fans, preventing passion for sport from turning into violence on the streets of our cities.

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