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Start of works in La Naval de Sestao for new ships in 2025

Mairenis Gomez

June 11, 2024 | 7:30 pm

This ambitious project, led by the Belgian company VGP, seeks to revitalize the old shipyard area, transforming it into an industrial and logistics hub.

The transformation of the grounds of La Naval de Sestao is underway and promises a vibrant industrial future. The Belgian company VGP, owner and manager of real estate logistics and industrial, The construction of new warehouses will begin at the VGP Park La Naval in 2025. This project will be developed in the 300.000 m² previously occupied by the historic shipyard, with the aim of revitalizing the area and attracting numerous companies interested in establishing themselves there.

Urbanization and construction process

Since the award of the land in 2021, VGP has worked hard to prepare the plot. In June 2022, work began to fit out and dismantle some existing buildings to pave the way for the new VGP Park La Naval. The park's focus will be primarily industrial, although it will also have a logistical component. The completion of these preliminary works has allowed the urban planning procedures with the Sestao City Council to progress smoothly.

Urbanization works, rehabilitation of existing buildings and construction of new warehouses They are expected to start between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025, provided that the necessary procedures and permits are carried out normally. This phase will be crucial to bring the ambitious VGP project to life.

Industrial interest and legacy preservation

A fundamental part of VGP's plan for La Naval is to ensure that at least 51% of the activity on these lands is industrial in nature. However, the company hopes to exceed that percentage due to the large number of industrial companies that have shown interest in establishing themselves in the park. This interest includes companies in the maritime sector, underlining the historical and strategic importance of the place.

VGP remains in contact with potential interested parties and its objective is to preserve the memory and legacy of the old La Naval shipyard. This commitment to local history adds significant value to the project, which not only seeks economic development, but also keeps the identity of the area alive.

The Belgian company VGP, owner and manager of logistics and industrial properties, will begin the construction of new warehouses in the VGP Park La Naval in 2025

Impact and expectations

The development of the VGP Park La Naval represents a significant opportunity for the economic growth of Sestao and Bizkaia. With the arrival of new companies, jobs will be generated and industrial activity in the region will be promoted. This project will not only revitalize a historic space, but will also strengthen the industrial and logistical fabric of the province.

In short, VGP is carrying out an ambitious project that promises to transform the La Naval lands into a relevant industrial hub.. With construction scheduled to begin in 2025, the company is ensuring that this space regains its economic importance and adapts to modern industrial needs. The preservation of the legacy and the creation of new opportunities make this project a key initiative for the future of Sestao and Bizkaia.

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