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Surne named best insurer in the state

Surne is crowned the best insurer in the country

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 16, 2024 | 9:30 a.m.

Surne stands out in the Spanish insurance sector for its impeccable service and accident and life coverage.

Surne, the mutual society with more than a century of experience and headquartered in Bilbao, has been proclaimed the best insurer in Spain according to the latest Adecose Barometer. This recognition is the result of an exhaustive analysis carried out by the Spanish Association of Insurance Brokers, that evaluates multiple aspects of service and satisfaction of the client in the insurance sector. The award not only underlines Surne's exceptional quality in the provision of its services, but also its strength and stability in the market, pillars that have cemented its reputation over the years.

Surne: a story of excellence and trust

Since its founding 119 years ago, Surne has been at the forefront of innovation in insurance and pension plan products. Their approach is customer-centric, ensuring that each policy responds to the specific needs of policyholders.. This commitment to quality and customization is what has allowed Surne to remain at the top of the ranking for nine consecutive years, standing out especially in the Accident, Life Risk and Life Savings lines.

Surne is crowned the best insurer in the country

The Adecose 2023 Barometer, in its fifteenth edition, has been particularly revealing. Based on 1.445 interviews and questionnaires completed by professionals in the sector, from directors to technicians and salespeople, the study has provided a comprehensive view of preferences and perceptions of the sector. Surne has excelled in almost all categories, from product/price assessment to technical and commercial management, demonstrating its ability to adapt to market demands and anticipate the needs of brokers and their clients.

The importance of specialization and customer service

What truly sets Surne apart in the competitive insurance market is its focus on specialization and unparalleled customer service. Rafael Urrutia, CEO of Surne, emphasizes that this award reflects the company's strategy of focusing on operational excellence and technical solvency. Continued investment in technology and staff training ensures that every customer interaction not only meets but exceeds expectations, a key factor in customer loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations that are so valued in the industry.

Adecose is not only an observer of the insurance market, but a key player in its regulation and development. Founded in 1977, The association represents more than 160 leading companies in the sector and plays a crucial role in defending and promoting the interests of insurance brokerages in Spain.. With a 70% market share within the Broker Channel and a volume of intermediated premiums that amounts to 9.775 million euros, Adecose establishes itself as an unavoidable benchmark and an undisputed leader in the market.

Surne: looking to the future

Looking to the future, Surne plans to continue its trajectory of innovation and quality. The company is committed to adapting to market changes and anticipating the future demands of the insurance sector. With plans to further expand its network of branches and improve its digital platforms, Surne is well positioned to maintain its leadership and continue to offer products that not only satisfy, but also protect and promote the well-being of its customers.

The recognition of Surne as the best insurer in the country by Adecose is not only a testament to its current performance, but also a portent of its continued relevance and success in the future. With an unwavering focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Surne continues to be a role model in the Spanish insurance sector.

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