July 21, 2024 | 11:29


The bicycle declared enemy of savage capitalism

Jesus Carames

June 23, 2024 | 4:01 pm

The economy versus the cyclist

CEO Euro Exim Bank Ltd. has raised dust with his recent statements about the economic impact of the cyclists. According to his analysis, cyclists represent a "disaster" for the economy traditional of the country. This statement is based on the idea that those who choose the bike as a means of transport they do not participate in several key economic sectors. They don't buy cars, they do not acquire payments, they do not consume fuel, nor do they pay for maintenance o repairs vehicular. Furthermore, they do not generate income in parking lots and do not contribute to the need to build roads wider. From a purely perspective capitalist, the bicycle seems to be a threat.

Cyclists also do not generate certain health problems associated with cycling. Sedentary lifestyle and obesity, which could reduce the demand for drugs doctors. In this sense, people who maintain a lifestyle healthy, according to the CEO, do not contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country through health spending.

The impact of consumption on public health

On the other hand, the argument is expanded by comparing the economic impact of a new establishment of McDonald's with the life of a cyclist. According to statements, each new McDonald's generates at least 30 jobs direct and creates demand for health professionals, such as cardiologists, dentists, dietologists y nutritionists, who address health problems derived from fast food consumption.

The implication of this reasoning is that an increase in the consumption of unhealthy products not only drives economy through job creation, but also keeps various sectors active.

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